Bushnell Launch Pro No Reads

Bushnell Launch Pro No Read

One of the reasons I moved over to Bushnell Launch Pro in lieu of SkyTrak is because I was having no reads with SkyTrak on short chips shots and my 60 degree wedge from time to time. In the first few months of using Bushnell Launch Pro, I literally could count the number of no … Read more

Difference Between Midsize vs Standard Golf Grips

midsize vs standard grips

You’re buying a new set of golf clubs or regripping the tried and true set. Then the question is asked. Would you like midsize or standard grips? Huh? So what’s the difference between midsize vs standard grips? Why might I choose one grip size over another? Oh, we’ll speak about some other grip sizes as … Read more

How Does Temperature Affect Golf Ball Distance?

How Does Temperature Affect Golf Ball Distance

Colder air is more dense than warm air. Meaning there is more drag. A cold ball and cold golf club mean less transfer of energy. An average male golfer with 90mph club head speed with driver, will lose about 2 yards of distance per 10 degree drop in temperature. How Does Temperature Affect Golf Ball … Read more