BirTee Golf Tees


If you catch any of my videos over on YouTube, you may notice I use what may described as an unusual looking tee. Basically any time I am hitting driver or first shot off the tee, I reach for a BirTee. No I don’t use a BirTee when I’m out playing a real golf course, … Read more

Champkey Pathguider Golf Swing Aid

Champkey Pathguider

I stop off at Starbucks and use my credit card. Same thing with buying groceries, lunch, and dinner when my wife and I go out. Airline tickets? I’ll be using the same credit card. I do pay it off each and every month so the purchase price never has any added interest. What the purchased … Read more

Review of Jack Dagger: A Links Tale

Jack Dagger: A Links Tale

I recently went on a family trip out to California. I think there were about 18 of us. Was very enjoyable with a couple of visits to wineries and was I lucky enough to play golf at Paso Robles Golf Club with my brother in law. Was slightly worried about the golf clubs making it … Read more

Golf Travel Bags – Get Ready for Vacation

Golf Travel Bag

Bottom line. A quality golf travel bag should be durable, protective, and easy to maneuver. It is designed to hold not only golf clubs but also other accessories such as balls, tees, and gloves, ensuring that everything a golfer needs is readily available. I am about to hit the friendly skies and did some research … Read more