Angle of Attack

Too many thinned shots. Not so much the high lofted irons, although I have been known to blade a 60 degree wedge every now and then. An issue I am facing at the moment is thinning hybrids and my 3 wood. Maybe a tell tale sign is I have no issues hitting up on driver. … Read more

What Tee Box Should I Play From?

Have you ever played golf with friends that want to shoot from the tips? Is there an easy way to tell what tee box I should play from? Well yes, there is a formula you can use and it works quite well. Let me back up a bit. I play an annual tournament with my … Read more

Don’t Play with a Cracked Golf Ball

Cracked golf ball

It should go without saying but don’t play with a cracked golf ball. A little story. I was playing in my golf cave the other night and felt a little stiff after my few warmup shots. So after the first drive and first few full shots were short of target, I thought no biggie. Maybe … Read more