BirTee Golf Tees

If you catch any of my videos over on YouTube, you may notice I use what may described as an unusual looking tee. Basically any time I am hitting driver or first shot off the tee, I reach for a BirTee. No I don’t use a BirTee when I’m out playing a real golf course, just in my golf simulator.

Let’s back up a bit. So you are playing golf at your local course. Unless you use plastic tees, you most likely pull out the wooden tee and after a few shots, you’ll snap the tee and will be looking for another.

For instance, I thought I was lucky when I was on a par 3 and found an unscathed short tee lying on the tee box. I normally use long plastic tees but on this particular day the ground was as hard as a rock. So I grabbed the short tee, put the golf ball on it, and pulled out the 7 iron for the 155 yard shot. Good shot but broke the tee. Arghhhh.

So a while back I was using a Fiberbuilt Flight Deck along with the tee that comes with it. If memory serves me correctly and don’t quote me but I believe you get two adjustable tees with the purchase.

The Fiberbuilt Flight Deck is great. Easy on the wrists and elbows which would otherwise hurt if using a cheap mat. If you are like me and play enough simulator golf, you will be hitting hundreds of drives, 3 woods, and hybrids off the adjustable tee. Eventually the tee will snap. It just comes with use and I really don’t think you can fault the product.

So I bought a similar generic product that worked with the Flight Deck but had the same problem. Enter BirTee. BirTee golf tees come in a variety of sizes and colors.

What I like about BirTee is its simplicity. Just put the ball on top of the BirTee and swing away. Most of the time my BirTee will hit the impact screen. Every now and then I’ll have to look around a little but it’s not a big deal.

Here’s my recommendation. If you play simulator golf, do yourself a favor and purchase a black, dark blue, or green BirTee. I actually purchased the variety pack, meaning for different tee heights. It came with 8 different size tees. If you are simply hitting into a net without a launch monitor, go ahead and get any color you would like.

I bought black because it seems some launch monitors have issues in picking up (reading) light colored items. It actually may just be the opposite. It captures that item instead of the golf ball. Maybe a contrast issue between the tee, shoes, etc… but you’ll be best served with a dark color BirTee.

Anyway, here is a very quick video of me using the largest BirTee for driver. Simply place the ball on top of the BirTee and swing away.


I personally purchased an additional set of blue BirTee’s for iron use only. I place them down right next to my hitting mat and you can also see that in the video.

No need to harp on a good product. Just wanted to let you know what I use in my golf cave and I recommend BirTee because it flat out does the job!

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